Studies in Medieval and Franciscan History

Michael Cusato and Michael J.P. Robson (eds.), Testimony, Narrative and Image: Studies in Medieval and Franciscan History, Hagiography and Art in Memory of Rosalind B. Brooke. The Medieval Franciscans 20 (Leiden & Boston 2022).

This volume unites a team of distinguished scholars from France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the USA to celebrate Rosalind B. Brooke’s immense contribution to Franciscan studies over the last 60 years. It is divided into four sections, beginning with an appraisal of Dr Brooke’s influence upon Franciscan studies. The second section contains a series of historical studies and expressions of the Franciscan spirit. Hagiographical studies occupy the third section, reflecting the friars’ ministry and the thirst for the renewal of the Franciscan vision. The fourth part explores the art and iconographical images of St. Francis and his friars. These innovative studies reflect new insights into and interpretations of Franciscan life in the Middle Ages.

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