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Become a Member of the Franciscan Federation
The Editors    |   April 24, 2024
Society | Spirituality

The Franciscan Federation strives to provide members with valuable resources and networking opportunities to promote the Franciscan charism.

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Moral Conversion
The Editors    |   April 23, 2024

Moral Conversion in Scripture, Self, and Society offers a broad – historical, theological, and philosophical – reflection on the phenomenon of moral conversion.

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Forming Franciscan Minds And Hearts
The Editors    |   April 3, 2024

This volume recreates a new and contemporary version of Bonaventure’s Return of the Arts to an approach to Franciscan evangelisation.

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From Gospel to Life, Life to the Gospel
The Editors    |   April 2, 2024

Yet the ministry was hardly contained within the walls of the chapel as it was based on encountering those on the street, which in turned enriched our liturgy and our lives. 

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Fall In Love > Protect > Transform
The Editors    |   March 20, 2024

There are 19 lessons divided into 4 modules, with more than 4 hours of video content and a final project to certify you as a Laudato Si’ Animator. 

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