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St. Bonaventure’s Theory of Doctrinal Development
The Editors    |   July 10, 2024
Church | Society | Spirituality

While it would be anachronistic to apply modern concerns and intellectual frameworks to the medieval scholastics, the common narrative does not do justice to history itself.

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Studies in Sentence Commentaries
The Editors    |   July 9, 2024
Church | Spirituality

On the eighth centenary of Alexander of Hales' groundbreaking Gloss on the Sentences, this conference will address this theme highlighting the genre of the Sentence commentary.

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St. Francis Answers Nietzsche
The Editors    |   June 25, 2024

Friedrich Nietzsche's criticism of Christian charity is perhaps the most serious philosophical challenge to our Catholic commitment to social justice.

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Franciscan Studies

Franciscan Studies, the scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal published by the Franciscan Institute, has a new General Editor and a new editorial board.

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