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Handbook: The Gospel Life of St. Francis
The Editors    |   August 24, 2022
Church | Society | Spirituality

The Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University has published a new handbook introducing the theology and spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi.

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Happy Vacation!
The Editors    |   July 15, 2022
Society | Spirituality | Ecology

The editors of franciscanconnections.com wish you a very PEACEFUL and GOOD vacation! Enjoy, and see you in a few weeks!

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The Struggles of the Saints of Assisi
The Editors    |   July 14, 2022
Church | Spirituality

In Kathleen Brady’s double portrait readers will find new reasons to admire the saints of Assisi and new justification to find their story poignant and inspiring.

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Mary Magdalene in Medieval Franciscan Spirituality
The Editors    |   July 13, 2022
Church | Spirituality

This book shows how Mary Magdalene was shown as a model of the spiritual journey in medieval Franciscan theology, the Vita Christi tradition, and art.

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Reading the World Through the Living Word
The Editors    |   July 7, 2022

The new book Franciscan Lectio is for Christians who long to see the world more beautifully and deeply and become more attentive and present.

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