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Human Nature in Early Franciscan Thought
The Editors    |   March 29, 2023
Church | Spirituality

In this book, Lydia Schumacher challenges the common assumption that early Franciscan thought simply reiterates the longstanding tradition of Augustine. 

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Redeeming the Horrors of Racial Suffering
The Editors    |   March 28, 2023
Politics | Society

This article explores the political Christology of African-American womanist theologian, M. Shawn Copeland for evidence of how Christ redeems us from the horrors of racial suffering.

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Franciscan Centenary (2023-2026)
The Editors    |   March 15, 2023
Church | Society | Spirituality

This centenary is spread over 4 years: Christmas in Greccio (2023), the Stigmata (2024), the Canticle of Creatures (2025), the Easter of Francis (2026).

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Children of God in Assisi
The Editors    |   March 14, 2023
Politics | Society

The sanctity inherent in the act of hiding at-risk Jewish people is as ancient as the biblical innkeeper, Rahab, the Canaanite woman who hid the Jewish men sent by Joshua.

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Sustainable Sustainability
Krijn Pansters   |   March 1, 2023

This article focuses on environmental engagement as an ethical concern - as a matter of good and bad behavior toward the environment and other creatures.

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