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Towards an Environmental Ethic of ‘Fittingness’
Krijn Pansters   |   September 18, 2020
Ethics | Ecology

With few exceptions, the concept of ‘fittingness’ has received little attention from those involved with environmental ethics.

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Lesser Ethics: Retrieving the Good Life in the Franciscan Tradition
Krijn Pansters   |   September 10, 2020
Politics | Church | Ethics | Society | Spirituality | Economy | Ecology | Leadership | Care

First Annual Franciscan Connections Virtual Conference, 24 - 25 June 2021.


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Laudato Si’ and Integral Ecology Franciscan Online Course
Krijn Pansters   |   September 5, 2020
Ethics | Economy | Ecology

A course to gain insights into the major themes of Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical.

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Into God: Saint Bonaventure's Itinerarium Mentis in Deum
Krijn Pansters   |   August 29, 2020

A new translation of Bonaventure's masterpiece of mystical, historical theology.

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Political Economy, Ethics, Leadership, and Religion
Krijn Pansters   |   August 28, 2020
Politics | Ethics | Economy | Leadership

Over 1,200 interesting short essays at the intersection of ethics and religion by Dr. Skip Worden at The Worden Report online.

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