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Foundations of Franciscan Fraternity and Fratelli Tutti
The Editors    |   February 6, 2024
Politics | Society | Spirituality

Exactly what role did the type of fraternity the Pope speaks of play in the life and thought of his thirteenth century namesake?

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The Editors    |   January 24, 2024

This book views preachers in European culture through the lens of dynamic community language and maps out Franciscan initiatives for confident, peace-seeking theology in detail.

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Four Shapes of Transformation
The Editors    |   January 23, 2024

In this article, Richard Rohr builds upon Ken Wilber's model of four stages (Cleaning Up, Growing Up, Waking Up, and Showing Up) of moral and spiritual development.

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Merry Christmas!
The Editors    |   December 22, 2023
Politics | Church | Ethics | Society | Spirituality | Economy | Ecology | Leadership | Care

The editors and members of the advisory council wish the readers of our blog Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Saint Francis and the Lepers Catch Up with COVID
The Editors    |   December 21, 2023

How Francis lived in relation to a leprosy pandemic makes him a source of insight to as well as a potential critic of contemporary responses to COVID.

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