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Why Bonaventure is a Theologian for our Time
The Editors    |   May 29, 2024
Church | Society

Bruce G. Epperly discusses his new book Head, Heart, and Hands: An Introduction to Saint Bonaventure.

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Franciscan Institute Live Online Classes
The Editors    |   May 22, 2024
Politics | Society | Spirituality | Leadership

Live online classes: A chance to join others; to listen and partake in the Franciscan spiritual journey.

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Franciscan Conference – Audio Recordings
The Editors    |   May 21, 2024
Society | Spirituality

The audio recordings from the conference "The Franciscan Tradition: Retrieval and Innovation" in March have now been made available.

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In the Footsteps of Francis
The Editors    |   May 8, 2024

The beautiful artwork captures the essence of St. Francis and his faith – viewers can follow in his footsteps and better understand his message. 

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Bonaventure’s Master Class on Prayer
Anthony M. Carrozzo   |   May 7, 2024

As I read I felt that Bonaventure was leading these students and now me away from a self-centered understanding of prayer to a God-centered understanding.

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