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Saint Francis and the Lepers Catch Up with COVID
The Editors    |   December 21, 2023

How Francis lived in relation to a leprosy pandemic makes him a source of insight to as well as a potential critic of contemporary responses to COVID.

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A Narrative Analysis of Greccio’s Christmas Celebration
The Editors    |   December 13, 2023

The significance of Greccio’s Christmas celebration can be sought in its artistic value, its theological message of the Incarnation, and its influence on the nativity scene today.

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How Do We Make Humility Important Again?
The Editors    |   December 12, 2023

“Humility is the first step in self-reflection,” writes Christopher M. Bellitto in his new book, Humility: The Secret of a Lost Virtue.

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Spiraling into God
The Editors    |   November 22, 2023
Church | Spirituality

This book offers a systematic account of the Seraphic Doctor’s doctrine of grace across his speculative-academic, mystical, hagiographical, and pastoral texts. 

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Being the Teaching
The Editors    |   November 21, 2023
Society | Spirituality

On the many 'ordinary’ men and women – Franciscan non-writing non-friars and non-nuns – living penitential lives in their own homes or in religious communities.

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