A partnership between the Franciscan Study Center at Tilburg University, NL and the Franciscan Institute at Saint Bonaventure University, NY
The Martyrdom of the Franciscans
Krijn Pansters   |   September 23, 2021

A study of three hundred years of medieval Franciscan history convincingly demonstrates how martyrdom functioned as a central tenet of Franciscan identity.

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Creativity and Imagination
Krijn Pansters   |   September 20, 2021

Bonaventure employs images throughout his works, especially those of spiritual theology. To glance over these images is to miss much of what he is telling us.

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Moral Conversion and Social Transformation
Krijn Pansters   |   September 20, 2021
Politics | Church | Ethics | Society | Spirituality | Economy | Ecology | Leadership

This conference aims to chart the multiform phenomenon of moral conversion in Western society. 

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Leading from the Emerging Future
Krijn Pansters   |   September 14, 2021
Spirituality | Leadership

To bring about the level of transformation needed in our organizations and our world right now, we need a way of learning and of leading.

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The Padua Program
David Couturier   |   September 13, 2021
Church | Leadership

The Padua Program at St. Bonaventure University helps Franciscan institutions and ministries transmit the values of Saints, Francis and Clare, to new generations of leaders.

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