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Franciscan Politics
The Editors    |   September 15, 2022
Politics | Society | Spirituality

By analyzing the source documents, the article illustrates the intentions, content and purposes of “Franciscan politics” as a spiritual, Christian and social re-awakening of the City.

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Looking for Harmony and the Good Life
The Editors    |   September 14, 2022
Society | Spirituality | Ecology | Care

On how to focus on the mystery behind the problems of our time and accept and learn to appreciate them. 

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Disability in the Life of Francis of Assisi
The Editors    |   September 7, 2022
Spirituality | Care

The Hagiography Society 2022 Book Prize has been awarded to Donna Trembinski for her book Illness and Authority: Disability in the Life and Lives of Francis of Assisi.

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Political Divisiveness and Climate Emergency
The Editors    |   September 6, 2022
Politics | Society | Ecology

Hope is grounded in truth; magnanimous, building on the innermost desires (spiritual and psychological) of the human heart to move forward, amid difficulty, with truth and courage.

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The Limits of Franciscanism
The Editors    |   September 1, 2022

This article discusses the types of situations where we may appropriately temper our love and respect with correction and character building.

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