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Transitioning from Science to Philosophy
The Editors    |   April 13, 2022

A new article by fr. Joachim Ostermann has appeared in Church Life Journal on philosophy as an intensely personal pursuit, as something not just learned, but done. 

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The Editors    |   March 30, 2022

The online Journal of Moral Theology shares articles on the topic of peacemaking published in their journal throughout the years.

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Early Franciscan Theology
The Editors    |   March 28, 2022
Church | Society | Spirituality

This book presents for the first time in English key passages from the Summa Halensis, one of the first major installments in the summa genre for which scholasticism became famous.

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Green Theology
The Editors    |   March 23, 2022

Green Theology is an urgent, far-reaching Christian theological reconsideration of the relationship between God, creation, nature, and human beings.

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Rediscovering Bernardino of Siena
Anthony M. Carrozzo   |   March 23, 2022
Church | Spirituality

Jesus constantly appealed to the imagination, the senses, and storytelling to enliven His message and make it memorable. No doubt Bernardino did the same and at times overdid it.

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