A partnership between the Franciscan Study Center at Tilburg University, NL and the Franciscan Institute at Saint Bonaventure University, NY
Moral Conversion and Social Transformation

This conference aims to chart the multiform phenomenon of moral conversion in Western society. 

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Franciscan Connections: Blog Now Also in Dutch

A Dutch version of our blog www.franciscanconnections.com is now online: www.franciscaans.nu

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Essays in Honor of Michael W. Blastic, O.F.M.
Krijn Pansters   |   April 7, 2021
Church | Society | Spirituality

This volume is a collection of essays written by colleagues and friends in honor of Michael W. Blastic, O.F.M., on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

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Francis of Assisi: A Patron Saint for Patients?
Krijn Pansters   |   March 31, 2021
Society | Spirituality | Care

As he himself endured horrific and ineffective medieval medical treatments, St. Francis of Assisi was credited with curing the sufferers of a disease that, like Covid-19, originated in animals.

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