The Essence Of Franciscan Spirituality

Eric Doyle OFM, The Essence Of Franciscan Spirituality (Franciscan Publishing 2022).

This course of hitherto unpublished lectures, originally addressed to Franciscan Religious in the wake of Vatican II, offers something for everyone interested in Franciscan Spirituality, be they Religious, secular Franciscans or others. Doyle’s understanding of human nature, the Rule as a forma vitae, the true meaning of the evangelical counsels, and the consequent need for some radical changes in lifestyle, are all addressed. These talks offer a gauge by which to assess the extent to which progress has been made in retrieving and living out the Franciscan charism, and are also a timely reminder of what has, or indeed has not, been achieved since Vatican II, and why Pope Francis has set in motion the current Synodal Process. The Pope’s emphasis on Fraternity finds voice in these talks, which have a contemporary, indeed timeless, relevance. The Franciscan Christology elucidated here is not only for Franciscans and the Church but indeed for the ‘universal friary’, as Doyle called it.

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