Sustainable Sustainability

Krijn Pansters, "Sustainable Sustainability: Enduring Ethical Environmental Engagement," in: Krijn Pansters & David B. Couturier (eds.), Lesser Ethics: Morality as Goodness-in-Relationship (St. Bonaventure 2023), 195-211.

This article deals with three ethical ecological methods suggested by the literature: contemplation, action, and reflection. These three moral modes are illustrated with examples from the present-day philosophical discussion. Next, the article dives deeper into the matter of environmental engagement as a problem of endurance, and more concretely of consolidating ethical conduct and thus of making environmental habits and behaviors in today’s society sustainable themselves. In doing so, it addresses three ethical requirements central to the debate: commitment, competence, and conversion. These three moral elements are illustrated with examples from the Franciscan intellectual and spiritual tradition.

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