Redeeming the Horrors of Racial Suffering

David B. Couturier OFM Cap., "Redeeming the Horrors of Racial Suffering: The Political Christology of M. Shawn Copeland," Carthaginensia 39 (2023), 93-118.

Marilyn McCord Adams argues that the coherence of Christology in the 21st century requires that Christological works address “the horrors,” the horrendous evils that defy coherence and leave us with deep sentiments of disgust and revulsion. It is not enough to provide justifications to excuse God or rationalize God’s intentions. Christology must show how Christ defeats the horrors.This article explores the political Christology of African-American womanist theologian, M. Shawn Copeland for evidence of how Christ redeems us from the horrors of racial suffering. The article provides a pedagogy for horror recognition.

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