Catholic and Franciscan Ethics

John Mizzoni, Catholic and Franciscan Ethics: The Essentials (San Diego 2015).
Catholic and Franciscan Ethics: The Essentials gives students a concise synopsis of the Catholic and Franciscan ethical traditions. The chapters examine the two separately, yet also show how they are historically entangled and related and how together they create a rich, multi-dimensional ethical framework. The early chapters focus specifically on the Catholic ethical tradition. In the later chapters students become familiar with the Franciscan tradition and learn how it grew out of, and contributes back to, Catholic ethics. The book includes diagrams, end-of-chapter summaries of key concepts, review and discussion questions, and “call outs”, all of which energize the text and support comprehension and retention. The appendices include a glossary, additional concept summaries, and recommendations for additional reading. Catholic and Franciscan Ethics: The Essentials is intended to serve as a supplemental text in courses on ethics at Catholic colleges and universities. It is also suitable for classes in moral theology and upper division applied ethics courses.
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